Coding Style Guide


  • Code according to PEP8

    Check that the code is structured as per pep8 but with a maximum line length of 100.

  • Code for Python 3

    While the application should remain compatible with python2, use django’s suggestion to mantain sanity: code for py3 and treat py2 as a backwards compatibility requirement. If you need, you can use six.


  • Follow AirBnB ES5 style guide, with the following changes:
    • Disallow named function expressions, except in recursive functions, where a name is needed.
    • Console logging is allowed
  • Functions called from Django templates need to start with wger

Automatic coding style checks

The coding style is automatically check by Travis-CI. To manually check your files you can run the following commands:

  • Python: pep8 wger
  • Javascript: ./node_modules/.bin/gulp lint-js (or just gulp lint-js if you installed the node libraries globally on your system)